The Right Way to Text Message a Guy | Writting the Perfect SMS Msg

"The Right Way to Text Message a Guy"

Text messaging was once the laughing stock of the century. The short, quick SMS message system seemed like such an informal way to communicate with the opposite gender. Now that cell phones seem to be in the hands of almost every citizen, text-messaging popularity has literally exploded and become one of the most acceptable forms of communication. However, there are certain dos and do not's that you should follow when sending a guy a text message. Remember that guys are not as into text-messaging as women are so keep it fun and flirty and ask lots of questions.

Don't text every day. This can make you seem desperate for attention. Keep an eye out for his response to your texts. One word replies means he's had enough texting for now. If you recently went out on a date together, it is perfectly fine, even recommended, that you send a text letting him know that you had a great time and would like to do it again sometime.

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The Right Way to Text Message a Guy

Perhaps send a message about something that reminded you of him and your date together. Guys want to know that a woman is thinking about them. This lets them know they left a good impression on you.

Although quick little tidbits and cute flirty reminders are fun, you should always discuss important stuff face to face. For example, do not set up a second date through text messaging. Instead, pick up the phone and do it the old-fashioned way. Setting up a second date through text messaging can send the wrong message to a guy. Do not call to soon and don't expect a reply straight away. He may be busy with his friends or busy at work. If he is truly interested in you, he will answer you as soon as he has a moment to do so.

Text messaging should be limited to infrequent, relaxed, fun communication. You do not want to spend all of your time texting one another. Send short messages occasionally that are both fun and flirty but do not go overboard. If you lay it on too thick, he will lose interest. Do not share every tidbit of information about your life. He does not want to know that you are going shoe shopping with your friends. Therefore, keep it simple and sweet. Tell him you are thinking of him or that you thought his butt looked great in the pair of jeans he was wearing and you are sure to keep his interest.

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