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Ellerslie, New Zealand

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56, male, Divorced

Alamosa, United States

l am a person of honor , my name is mark parker, l am on these dating site to meet the love of my life.l know l am on the right path.l give my care ,trust, respect to my love and to let her know she is my world. l like cooking, fishing, movies, reading, shopping, traveling sports etc.let get chatting and know each other well. cant wait to hear from you.

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42, female, Single

Purdy, United States

Good Day Handsome.... Am Matilda new on this online dating site and i am here looking for my best friend and also soul mate, someone that i can trust and give him all my heart and soul and if you here interested you can contact me...Hope To Hear From You Soon!

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44, male, Single

Port Orange, United States

Hello, my name is Michael, I can't here because I am hopefully going to find a life partner friend, lover all in one. I've been on other dating sites but being hard of hearing make it tough, I meet people then I think my hearing becomes a issue so it never goes far. I am hoping this site will be different. If you would like to know anything about me please feel free to ask.

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60, male, Divorced

Mollusk, United States

I consider myself a happy, funny, honest, independent and loving man. I'm new to online dating and am still learning how it works, so please bare with me. I enjoy to traveling, going to the movies/ theatre and cooking. I love meeting new people and having new experiences.i look for a very comfortable financially stable woman to share my life withIf you're looking for someone caring and thoughtful who is lighthearted and loves to laugh, I would love to hear from you. If you can have just as good of a time staying in as going out and make good company, we'll get along just fine.get back to me if you are interested tell me about yourself as well hope to read from you soon hugs L Martins.

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42, male, Single

Rockland, United States

Hello. I really like to talk. Conversation is very important to me. I have many thoughts, and I love to hear the thoughts of others. I resonate with William Blake's words:"To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour"However, I will keep this description short, because I prefer individual messages. I believe there is much more to a person than a collection of biographical facts and trivia, and that the best and truest parts of a person emerge with interaction - like a dance.I'm primarily interested in platonic relationships at the moment, rather than romantic. I continually try to make friends when I'm out and about, and I don't object to using a dating site as part of that enterprise. I also believe that friend-relationships between (hetero) men and women have an interesting dynamic, that tends to be stronger, and I enjoy that intensity. In any case, that's one reason I'm on here.

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