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Herne Bay, New Zealand

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Mt Roskill, New Zealand

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Mt Roskill, New Zealand

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Papakura, New Zealand

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Mt Roskill, New Zealand

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Epsom, New Zealand

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Meadowbank, New Zealand

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Mt Roskill, New Zealand

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33, male, Single

Jaroda, India

i am student i want dateing smart or young girl.

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28, male, Single

Laketown, United States

Well. Let's see, my name is Michael, people call me Mj, I'm a pianist, keyboardist. Guitarist. I love food and I love to travel. If you'd like to know anything feel free to ask.

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35, female, Single

Sydney, Australia

Hello! Im looking for you! Feel free to message me.

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38, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

As to my character,I am very active, cheerful and energetic person. I like movements and new things very much. Curiosity is the most remarkable side of my character. And life has a lot of interesting things for learning! I always try to take as much as possible from life and I believe that every moment of our life is unique and we should make it memorable and full of happiness! Also I am very purposeful, glamorous and attractive woman, who adores smiling and also an easy-going woman and very responsible as well.I'm temperamental and romantic woman,I prefer to stay optimistic in any situation.I can laugh at myself and my problems as well! .. I am tender, kind, passionate, lovely, naive, sincere and honest. I believe everything is wonderful.To be tolerant and well-balanced, probably that is why I have a lot of friends. I am active and positive person, but at the same time I am calm and romantic. I’m warm as the sun, free as the wind, streaming like water, cheerful like a butterfly and tender like silk.*I am a very cheerful and easy-going person. I am treating people as I think they should treat me, I am honest and respectful. I love to socialize and I have many friends with whom I share sunny and rainy days of my life. I am a very romantic person, I love flowers and candles, poetry and sunsets. I am a family-orientated woman who prefers to have a happy family more than a successful career. am a kind, caring, honest, loyal, reliable, positive and open-minded person.* I am an easy-going, kind, sensitive, independent, humorous, and romantic woman. I have one very big and warm heart. I want to live in happiness, and I am a woman who is ready to create this peace and happiness for me and my husband. I hope to meet really kind, good, caring and affectionate man on this website. I need my man to be loving, honest and reliable. I am looking for a sincere man, who is ready for serious relationship and wants to create a family. That will be my greatest happiness

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24, male, Single

Bangor, United States

Heya! :3 I'll say that I'm a very open-minded, kind, weird, creative, and wise person. Allow me the chance of proving all of that to you. Everything is a risk, always remember that. You have to take risks in order to move forward, right?I've come to realize having similar hobbies don't really matter too much. We can still cuddle, talk, joke around, support each other, and do nice things for each other, right?(Sarcasm.) Whaaaaa? So I can only love you when we're doing something I/we both like? 0u0 How interesting!! stupid.To be honest, I don't really care what we're doing, as long as we're both together. ^u^ If it helps though, here's a list of things I like.Hobbies:-Singing happy melodies (Mostly music from games on Nintendo hardware.)-Playing video games (Just about everything Nintendo-related from the N64 to the Wii U, Xbox One, 3DS.)-Making jokes 'round the clock.-Cuddling.-Helping others to be happy.-Being lovey-dovey. ^u^ -Being in your arms and having you in mine. (I know that counts as cuddling, but IT'S MY LIST, DAMN IT!! >:3 )-Writing Lyrics-YouTube (SGB, TheBitBlock, ReviewTechUSA, MundaneMatt, Mangs + other Shit-posters x3, YuriofWind) BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!! >:3 If you date me now, I'll throw in a free piece of crap you don't need!! A $69 VALUE!! >: O (It was starting to sound like I was listing my features as a product to sell you, hee hee.)Conclusion: My pictures may not look it, but I actually am severely depressed, despite me having worked on it tremendously, making great progress. I just simply don't care about most things in life. The only thing I want to do is help others, but I can't really bring myself to do much, because it doesn't make me happy in the slightest, motivational problems and all. The only thing that does bring me joy is doing my best to take care of My Partner.Once I have that, it's like I get so much more strength to live. We don't need to spend every second together though, so please don't worry. :)

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