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30, male, Single

Srae Khvav, Cambodia

The desperate and dateless situation for the females in Phnom Penh really hit hard on Valentine's day this year. This single gal assessed her options... I could have gone speed dating at the FCC but the idea of giving a kiss, hug or cross to a man I already know, work with, is married, or will invariably run into at 'The Shop' on Saturday morning didn't really appeal.I could have put in a bid at the Bachelor Auction but decided that things really were getting desperate if I had to pay for a date...So, unfortunately did a Bridget Jones and went along to the FCC as a non-participant, drank copious amounts of red wine, danced with the girls, ate some chocolates given to me by a girlfriend (my only Valentine) and by 11pm was singing Johnny Paul Young's 'Love is in the Air' VERY loudly... Oh well, just another Wednesday (Or was that Friday?) night in Phnom Penh...eek! - CassieBehold the lament of single girls in Phnom Penh. Sure there are plenty of boys around the city, but once you've ruled out Cambodian, married or faithful to girlfriend, gay or pat, there are few left.Talking about the single boys, Cambodia has a glut of professional single women and a paucity of eligible men.Identify and target the eligible boys, is the name of the game whether you play for laughs or to win. Genya said,Did I find someone I like? A couple but they were all taken within a matter of minutes!So already there are few single boys and of those few there are, to quote Bridget Jones, alcoholics, workoholics, peeping toms, megalomaniacs, emotional wits, or s, and so the pool gets shallower.

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33, male, Single

Keshena, United States

I've been a musician all my life basically. It's pure instinct for me. I've combined artistic collaboration with romance before and tend to feel that it generates good results. Also, i can always have something to talk about with if I'm with another artist. Sometimes similar tastes and approaches to music can say something about someone, what their sensibilities and sensitivities are. Musicians can be very subtle people sometimes (okay, not every musician, definitely know some wild ones) so finding a connection between subtle people can require a lot of patience. I'm a pretty loving, romantic gay dude who likes caring for anyone that i like and who lets me. So yeah, definitely looking for another man when it comes to dating, but i'm willing to make non-romantic connections with any artist of any age or gender if you feel there might be something worth talking about. I really like psychedelic music of all kinds, i like a lot of space and texture and atmosphere and color and heart. I guess i've been playing mostly heavy psychedelic rock (or a type of it that i guess a lot of people call Post-Metal). here's one of my favorite albums at the moment:)I also like a lot of electronic music, ambient and psy and goa and deep trance and deep house.I even like some country, good ol' Townes Van Zandt is one of my poet-warrior heroes. I currently live in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. Music brought me out here. Puget Sound called to me, I relate strongly with a lot of the music this region has inspired and it is a good place to be to get a taste of that inspiration. Environment is important to me and I feel like any music i make reflects the environment i'm in. I needed those mountains and waters and evergreens! I'm from St. Louis, Missouri originally. I feel like the music i made back there was more oppressive, i feel like since moving out here i've really opened up as an artist and as a human.

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26, male, Single

Corner Brook, Canada

I enjoy trying new foods, going outside, playing video games, and watching movies. I also enjoy reading and I love tea. I love dogs and I would like to travel the world. I am currently working towards an English degree. I am a gay transgender man. I would do anything for my partner. I aspire to edit and possibly write books. I do not want children. I hope we can get along!

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29, male, Single

Ilkley, United Kingdom

I am a 23 Year Old Violinist currently looking for friendships and maybe more eventually. I am Gay so sorry ladies but I can still be friends.

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40, male, Single

Sterling, United States

Hi Im Ron(Ronald if your my mom)and I am a 33 year old gay male, six foot four and I'm from California. I spend most of my time watching netflix and being with friends and family. I don’t go out too often, but I enjoy myself when I do. I enjoy helping others more than anything else. I would put everything I’m doing on hold if someone I know needed help with anything at all. I enjoy long walks on the beach/river, reading manga, video games, anime and sci-fi. And I'm not trippin about your past. Everyone has a past.I hope to hear back from you.Sincerely..

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